Tips to Pack Your Storage Unit Like a Pro

Do not quite have enough storage space for all your belongings? You are not alone, and that is why Storage Depot of Douglasville offers solutions for all your local commercial or residential storage needs. Talk to one of our staff members in our storage office on Fairburn Road, and they can guide you through the storage process. Once you have picked out your storage unit, follow these tips to pack your storage unit to make the most of it.

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How to Pack Your Storage Unit for Long-term Organization & Efficient Access

Map Out the Layout of Your Storage Unit Ahead of Time

It is always best to start with a plan. Take inventory of your boxes and their sizes, and consider which can be stacked on top of one another. Keep the heaviest boxes on the bottom and lightest ones on top to prevent fragile items from getting crushed. You do not want to be last-minute throwing boxes in and not realize you set something heavy on top of your valuables. So plan ahead! Think about the items that should be close to door for easy access and the ones that are valuable and should be in the opposite side of the storage unit from the door. From there, map out an aisle down the center, so you can access all corners of your storage unit.

Use Quality Storage Supplies to Pack your Boxes

When you are storing valuables and fragile objects, you want to wrap each item carefully to withstand moving and storage. Our storage office sells packing supplies on-site, so you never have to worry about being unprepared. If you ever need any boxes or bubble wrap, you know where to find us. If you are storing breakables, look through our packing kits to find one that can provide you the proper padding and security for their time in storage.

Label Boxes

If you cannot see the contents of the box or bin, it is worth your time to at least categorize the items inside. For instance, you can label “pots and pans” and “car tools” and save yourself a lot of time later when you are searching for a specific item. If you are planning for a move and plan on unloading all your items again in the near future, you can mark your storage containers with the room of your house that it will be unloaded into. This will assist your movers and your future self!

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Need more space for your home or business? Come by Storage Depot of Douglasville to find affordable storage solutions near you in Douglasville, GA. You can browse our available storage units online or in person at our storage facility on Fairburn Road. We offer a large variety of drive-up storage units, including extra large commercial warehouse space. No matter your storage needs, we have you covered. From indoor and outdoor storage units to parking spaces, our self storage can help you clear your space of clutter and keep it that way.

You can rent or reserve a storage unit or parking space in person, over the phone, or online. Stay flexible by renting with Storage Depot of Douglasville!

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