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Looking for self storage to help with a move? Storage Depot of Douglasville is equipped with everything you need to keep your items safe as you settle into your new home. We have already helped a lot of tenants move this past year, as there was a rise in the rate of movers due to the pandemic. Below, we look at why so many people decided to move, especially from larger cities. Let Storage Depot of Douglasville help you with your move, and save money when you refer a friend!

Why Were People Moving Away from the City?

  • Financial Situations. Some of the largest numbers of movers came from the country’s priciest cities to live in, like New York and Chicago. When massive layoffs occurred, residents were not able to pay the high cost of rent. A move out to the suburbs made finances much more manageable.
  • Health and Safety. The city is not the easiest place to social distance, with public transportation and small shops. Those who were immunocompromised in many cases could not risk staying around such a densely populated area.
  • Support Systems. Everyone was affected by the coronavirus pandemic. So when states began to enact their restrictions, residents looked to their support systems to hunker down with, whether that be family or friends.

Save at Storage Depot of Douglasville When You Refer a Friend

Storage Depot of Douglasville can securely hold all your belongings as you move into a new place. We offer a range of drive-up storage units, as well as outdoor parking spaces. Keep all your household items and vehicles in one convenient place nearby in Douglasville GA. You can even save $50 off your next rental when you refer a friend. You both save! Get started with us today by renting or reserving your storage online!  refer a friend

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