Rent Commercial Storage for Your Douglasville, GA, Business

Do you own or operate a business in the Douglasville, GA, area? Let Storage Depot of Douglasville be your one-stop shop for commercial storage near Atlanta. Whether you are just looking for a few square feet of extra space or need to store an entire vehicle, we can help get you settled. Contact our office to see how self storage can help your business!

Storage Units in Douglasville GA

Commercial Self Storage and Your Business

One of the most popular reasons for needing storage for your business is that inventory and supplies start to take over the space you use to work. Reclaim that valuable space by organizing your extra items in a storage unit. Self storage is an affordable way to store away your items without renting additional property. Stick to your budget without getting overcrowded in your workspace!

A business may also need storage for times like:

  • Expanding personnel or product lines
  • Starting up
  • Moving locations
  • Organizing inventory or equipment
  • Downsizing

Who Uses Commercial Storage?

A lot of businesses can take advantage of self storage. Giving yourself space just leaves more room to grow, and the same goes for your business. 

Home Service/Trade Jobs

Trade jobs require a decent amount of equipment and material, but you do not need everything for every job. Keep supplies in a storage unit near your job site that all your team members can access. Our wide-span access hours also accommodate early and late working hours. Organize your materials for quick access from our drive-up storage units.

E-Commerce Shops

Is your home desk being overrun by your inventory? With commercial storage, you can keep that space clear for running your business. If you make your product yourself, bring your new batches to your storage unit as you finish them, and take home with you items that customers had ordered. You can also store away seasonal pieces in the off-season to keep your inventory fresh.

Sales Representatives

Sales representatives need to have a lot of product and samples on hand to be able to sell. That can take up a lot of space in your home. If you travel frequently, you can rent a storage unit in a centralized location for easy access no matter where you end up.

Business Storage with Storage Depot of Douglasville in Douglasville, GA

Our drive-up storage units at Storage Depot of Douglasville are perfect for commercial storage purposes. You can pull your vehicle directly up to your storage unit door to unload, reducing the amount of heavy lifting for big loads. If you are in need of more than just a few hundred square feet of storage space, look through our large commercial warehouse storage units. You will find up to 2,000 square feet of available self storage space. 

We make the storage process easy for you from start to finish. Find a storage unit online by browsing our available units. You can use our storage calculator and other website resources to guide your way to the ideal storage space. When you are ready, rent a storage unit through our online storage rentals, or reserve one for future use! Even when renting contact-free, you always have our staff members a phone call away if you have any questions. Get started with Storage Depot of Douglasville!

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