Tips for Vehicle Storage for the Winter

When you are looking for vehicle storage for the winter months, you can count on Storage Depot of Douglasville. We have an array of storage options to fit every need. Store your vehicle in our outdoor parking space or in one of our drive-up storage units at our self storage facility on Fairburn Road. Pack your valuables away into our temperature-controlled storage.

Protect Against Exterior Damage

Washing and waxing your car before storing it away is a must. It allows you to return to your vehicle in read-to-drive condition. Take the time to scrub off grime to protect your paint and avoid rust.

Ward Off Pests

Critters will be looking for a warm place to seek shelter. Make sure there is nothing in your vehicle—food, crumbs, wrappers, etc.—that would attract them inside.

Fill Your Gas Tank

You should fill your gas tank before storing your vehicle to leave no room for moisture buildup in the tank. Adding stabilizer to the tank can also help prevent gum and varnish. Stabilizer is not necessary for short-term storage, but it is if you plan to store your vehicle for three months or more.

Vehicle Storage for Winter in Douglasville GA

Do you need vehicle storage, especially in winter months? Storage Depot of Douglasville has a team of professionals ready to help you organize your belongings into storage. Rent outdoor parking spaces to store vehicles as large as RVs. Or organize your business equipment and supplies in our commercial storage units. We have storage with drive-up entry to accommodate large loads and make your storage experience a little easier. If you have any questions about the storage process, you can call or stop by our self storage facility on Fairburn Road to talk to an expert. Rent or reserve your storage online!

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